MDT Debugger 2.4.1

Starting on the Deployment Guys blog I released the MDT Debugger.  It’s a simple, but effective, tool for troubleshooting LTI deployments immediately at failure time (and to even prevent the failure) without having to trawl through log files trying to piece together what happened and when.

At the link below is an update to the tool that includes the following fixes:

  • Branding removed to maximise screen usage.  Vertical resolution is now less than 500 pixels so it should fit onto all display resolutions, including WinPE.
  • The MDT Installation Progress window is now moved to the bottom right (or as close as possible) of the screen when the debugger is displayed.
  • About dialog box added
  • Some minor bug fixes

To get the tool, click here.  As always, this is a free tool but not supported!  Please comment here if you have any questions.


14 thoughts on “MDT Debugger 2.4.1

    • Yes, just check the info back on the deploymentguys blog I linked to. In summary though, this is how to use it:

      Your existing command “cscript.exe %SCRIPTROOT%\CUSTOM_Script.wsf” becomes “%SCRIPTROOT%\CUSTOM_MDTDebugger.exe cscript.exe %SCRIPTROOT%\CUSTOM_Script.wsf”

  1. Thank you for the information. Just to clarify, the deploymentguys blog linked above only shows a screenshot, no other documentation, or links to the previous posts about it. A search of the blog revealed the original post for version 2.0, which included some very nice documentation.

  2. I can’t seem to get it to work for PowerShell scripts. Is it supposed to work in PowerShell?

    The term ‘restore-MDTPErsistentDrive’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file or operable program…

    Running MDT 2013, MDTDebugger 2.4.1 and Keith Garner’s Enable RDP Script.

      • Thanks for the 64 bit version. It’s been helpful for several situations. I’ve run into an error though, when using it in Post-Install (before rebooting into the newly deployed Win10 OS), on a UEFI system. It gives me the following error.
        “AutoIt Error
        Line 108 (File “\\\ipc_ds$\Scripts\MDTDebugger_x64.exe”):

        Error: Variable used without being declared.

        Any thoughts or suggestions?

        Thanks again for the useful tool!

      • Hi Mike, not sure why it is failing at that point. The code in that section is looking for the folder “C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS”. If the folder exists then it assumes that you are in the full OS and therefore displays the additional “Open Logs Folder” button.

        It’s a fairly bold assumption on my part, could it be that in your scenario the folder exists at that path? If so, it might fail because I try to invoke Windows Explorer – which in WinPE doesn’t exist!

        Although I later on try to trap any errors, you’re in a scenario that I hadn’t catered for. I also don’t have a test machine where I could try to recreate this issue.

        Otherwise it might be a bug with the x64 compiler… but it is more likely me 😦

      • Hmm, The problem that I was trying to debug turned out to be that C:\ didn’t exist. MDT had assigned it as E:\ which caused my copy command to fail. Maybe C:\ missing is the reason mdtdebugger failed as well?

        I ended up turning off UEFI booting in the BIOS and used Legacy deployment instead which creates the expected C:\ assignment and my copy command now works as expected.

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