Introducing the new App-V UI Application

If you are installing the new App-V 5.0 SP2 client for the first time (released as part of MDOP 2013 R2) you will probably find yourself searching around for the App-V client shortcut.

Luckily its not you going mad but an intentional shift in SP2 to separate out the App-V agent from the Graphical Client Interface. To many admins, the change is not completely unexpected because the App-V Console has become almost redundant since you can accomplish all the client tasks via the App-V PowerShell module.

So the good news is that you now have the option to deploy the App-V client with or without the User Interface. If you decide to deploy the App-V Client with the UI, the even better news is that you have the choice to deploy it as a traditional MSI or an App-V package.

So how do you deploy it? Here’s a quick guide:

Deploy the App-V Client:

The first step is to install the App-V 5.0 SP2 Client itself and not much has changed in regards to deployment, so grab the installer from the MDOP 2013 R2 source and refer to TechNet for the command line parameters.  At a minimum you will need to run the following command for a silent install:

"appv_client_setup.exe" /ACCEPTEULA=1 /NORESTART /log %TEMP%\AppVClient5SP2Setup.log /q

Deploy the App-V Client UI (Virtual)

Next you need to deploy the Graphical UI application. To deploy the UI Application as an App-V package, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the App-V package installer (appv_clientUI_package.msi) from the Microsoft Download Site.
  2. Run the installer “appv_clientUI_package.msi” to extract the package contents to a folder.
  3. Take the “Microsoft App-V 5.0 Client UI.appv” file together with the config XML files and deploy them with ConfigMgr (or whichever method you use).
  4. Once installed, launch the “Microsoft App-V 5.0 Client UI” shortcut and you will notice the UI application appears in the list of Virtual Apps:AppVUI_Virtual

Deploy the App-V Client (MSI)

Alternatively you can deploy the Graphical UI application as a traditional MSI installer (not sure why you would want to use an MSI over the virtual package but its here if you need it):

  1. Download the App-V package (appv_client_ui_setup.msi) from the Microsoft Download Site.
  2. Deploy the MSI package with ConfigMgr (or whichever method you use) using the following command line:
    msiexec /i "appv_client_ui_setup.msi" ACCEPTEULA=1 /Q
  3. Once installed you can launch the “Microsoft App-V 5.0 Client UI” application from the Start Menu shortcut.

Surjit Khera.


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