Surface Pro 2 Firmware and OSD problems

I’m currently working on a Windows 8.1 project and recently needed to deploy a number of Surface Pro 2 devices.  This should have been a pretty straight forward task but I started to see random failures during the Task Sequence.  I was using a Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Task Sequence (with MDT 2013 integration) and the latest Surface Pro 2 Driver/Firmware set (March Update).  The issues occurred only on certain machines where I would see application installation hangs during the build process and general instability of the build process.

After a bit of investigation I was pointed to the following KB Article:

KB2963062: Surface Pro 2 devices intermittently cannot boot past the UEFI screen

Although the symptom does not describe my issue the following does make me wonder if there were other issues with the march update:

This problem occurs because of a negative interaction between new libraries in the March 2014 UEFI update, and hardware components on a very small percentage of Surface Pro 2 devices. This interaction results in a timing issue in which the hardware component is not ready for the instructions that it receives from the UEFI, and this results in the boot process being unable to continue. Subtle differences in hardware component tolerances cause this problem to occur more frequently on some devices.

The KB Article links to an updated version of the Firmware and by injecting the new firmware into the my driver package for the Surface Pro 2 I was able successfully build again.

Moral of the story….if you are deploying Surface Pro 2’s make sure you update the firmware in your driver pack to this version:


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