Windows 10 – Add Language Packs & Patches to Install.WIM 4 In-Place-Upgrade

Yes it is possible to add Language Packs and Patches to the Install.WIM used for In-Place-Upgrade.


  • If you have performed an offline Language Pack installation when deploying your computers, you must also offline service the Install.WIM used for your In-Place-Upgrade…adding the same language pack to this.
  • If you want to speed up the deployment…remove time associate with patching during In-Place-Upgrade
  • If you want to ensure the OS has the latest patches on first boot.


1. Mount Install.wim from Windows 10 original source media.

Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:<Path to install.wim>\install.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:<Path to Offline folder>

2. Add your language Pack.

Dism /Image:<Path to Offline folder> /ScratchDir:%temp% /Add-Package /PackagePath:<Language pack Path>\<Language Pack cab file>

3. Set UI Language.

Dism /image:<Path to Offline folder> /Set-UILang:<Culture: >

4. Generate new Lang.ini

Dism /image:<Path to Offline folder> /gen-langini /distribution:”<Root Path of Source Media>”

5. Add your patches

Dism /Image:<Path to Offline folder> /ScratchDir:%temp% /Add-Package /PackagePath:<Package Path>\<Security/Update cab file>

6. Un mount Install.wim, committing changes

Dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:<Path to Offline folder> /Commit



This blog post was born out of the issue seen when first attempting to perform an In-Place-Upgrade on a computer that had the en-GB language pack installed offline during OSD.

The custom WIM used during OSD was created using Windows 10 Enterprise en-US source media.  Therefore the assumption made was the source media for In-Place-Upgrade also needed to be Windows 10 Enterprise en-US.

Well that is partly correct.  However, When a Language Pack is installed offline, it fundamentally changes the language in the source at build time.  To all intent purposes, the computer is being built with en-GB media in this case.

Now when we come to do an In-Place-Upgrade the languages no longer match and the following error is recorded in the last Compat Scan log  “C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\Panther\CompatData_…xml” (check date modified):

<HardwareItem HardwareType=”Setup_MismatchedLanguage”><CompatibilityInfo BlockingType=”Hard”/><Action Name=”Setup_MismatchedLanguage” ResolveState=”Hard”/></HardwareItem>

To make sure they do match we have to, in this case,  add the en-GB language pack to the original en-US source media Install.wim used during In-Place-Upgrade.

The additional step of setting UI Language and Generate Lang.ini are also required.  To take this full circle, one should be able to perform an In-Place-Upgrade on the aforementioned computer using original Windows 10 Enterprise en-GB media.  I’ve not tested this though.


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